Program at a Glance

Technical Sessions:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical Education Research
  • Theoretical, Computational, and Data-Driven Modeling Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry


From clear flasks to green fields, utilizing a sustainability mindset in agrochemical active ingredient developmentJustin Struble (Bayer)
Innovative analytical measurements at the micro and nano scaleScott Martin (SLU)
Nucleic AcidsJohn-Stephen Taylor (WU)
Proteins and LipidsJim Bashkin (UMSL)
Probing Biological ChemistryMichael Beck (EIU)
Biotherapeutic Process Development and Manufacture in the MidwestSteve Kolodziej (Pfizer)
Novel Approaches to Traditional Challenges in GlycoscienceCristina De Meo
Organometallic Catalysis Research at PUIsJocelyn Lanorio (Ill. College)
Bioprocess ChemistryJie Dong (SIUE)
Safety in the Undergraduate LabSue Wiediger (SIUE)
Chemical Education (CHED)Jose Martinez (UIUC)
Beyond the boundaries of computational chemistry and catalysisAlex Mironenko (UIUC)
Analytical Techniques for Environmental ChemistryKevin Tucker (SIUE)
Radiochemistry: From Radioactivity to Drug ProductMike Nickels
ElectrochemistryMike Shaw
Organic SolidsRyan Groeneman
Medicinal ChemistryMarv Meyers
Medicinal ChemistryMike Crider
Physical Organic - KineticsYun Lu (SIUE)
Flow ChemistryTodd Stark (API Innov Ctr)
Theoretical ChemistryKade Marsden-Head (WU)
Industry meets academy meets medicine — with magnetic resonance and NMRSophia Hayes (WU) + Blake Hammonn
Synthesis and characterization for functional polymeric materialsAlexa Kuenstler (UIUC) + Whitney Loo (UW-M)
Process Development in Industry: Solving ProblemsMichael Tracey (Cambrex)
Organometallic Chemistry of Earth Abundant Transition MetalsJamie Neely (SLU)